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Lena KollerGetty Images The 70s–it sure does seem like it was a more laidback, dare we say more mellow, time, does not it? Disco was kingJaws menaced moviegoers, and everyone was on roller skates. Houses were one-story ranch-style, or divide flat and full of never-before seen layout options (many of which are seen again). But if good, bad, or just plain tacky, or home interiors were absolutely exceptional. Just a small nostalgia is never a bad thing, so let’s step inside the time machine and into a normal 70s pad. Just a warning–you might want to wear your sunglasses ! 1 of 40 Linoleum Floors There was no additional kitchen and bathroom flooring in the 70s nearly as ubiquitous as patterned linoleum, beloved by working moms for its durability and easy cleanup. Two of 40 Bean Bag Chairs No more house in the 70s would have been complete without a few bean bag chairs thrown round the basement. Sure they were comfy, but just how did anyone ever get out of them? 3 of 40 Wood Paneling You see wood paneling around, but rather than the currently stylish beadboard or shiplap, the 70s variation was normally created from anything but real trees and needed a painfully clear fake grain. 4 of 40 Crocheted Blankets These shouts were crocheted in a repeating”granny” 1970s interior design ideas with photo examples – small design ideas square layout, with all colours that clashed. Often made from scratchy yarn, they were tossed over the back of the couch than utilized to cover up with during film night. 5 of 40 Lava Lamps Technically the strangely hypnotic lava lamp had been created in the 60s, but it lasted on strong through almost the end of the 1970s. 6 of 40 Shag Carpeting When the 1970s were roughly one inside design fad, it was wall-to-wall shag carpet, typically at eye-searing colors like bright orange. 7 of 40 Enormous TVs Televisions weren’t always so flat and light they could hang on walls. In the 70s they were furniture, a place to place knickknacks in addition to see The Brady Bunch. 8 of 40 Statement Stone Fireplaces Made of coarse rock and generally taking up a complete wall, that this design trend wouldn’t have appeared out of place in a hunting lodge. 9 of 40 Alarm Clocks Ahead of the world went digital, folks awakened using alarm clocks sporting amounts that flipped. They arrived from the ever-popular fake wood veneer, or any seriously bright 70s colors, and created a cool clicking noise. 10 of 40 Patterned Paper If 70s walls were not lined with wood panelingthey had been sporting newspaper splashed with with big and bold geometric shapes in bright, contrasting colors

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